Email Abuse Policy

Email Abuse Policy

Spam is an annoyance to recipients, a waste of time, and costly to Internet service providers.

If you as a user of  WWW.INDIALOGISTICSDIRECTORY.COM utilize our resource to send junk, scam, non-freight related, or similar email to companies listed with whom you have no prior relationship or from whom you have no prior consent, you are deemed a Spammer.

WWW.INDIALOGISTICSDIRECTORY.COM Members have the services of Find an Agent or Rate Requests if they are seeking co-operation or wish to quote for shipments posted on WWW.INDIALOGISTICSDIRECTORY.COM

Members must not use the Enquiry service to send unsolicited email regarding

co-operation or similar.

It is our policy to prevent abuse of our website. We treat scams and spam very seriously and will use all resources at our disposal to track your IP address and report you to your ISP.

Many viruses and some spammers spoof email addresses. If you’ve received a virus message that has our address as the sender, it does not mean that the virus came from us.

It could have come from anyone who has looked at our pages and who also has your email address somewhere on their computer. This is as frustrating for us as it is for you.

We never send emails with attachments unless requested to do so.

If you receive an email claiming to be from WWW.INDIALOGISTICSDIRECTORY.COM with an attachment, please delete it without opening it.

If you have received a scam call or spam email please contact us immediately at the following email address [email protected]